Streetlife International presents

Larry June


'Larry's Market Run Tour 2023'

Larry June makes the simple pleasures luxurious. Of course he’s about financial success, fast cars and women, but he’s also about self-care, trips to the farmer’s market, watering his plants and making smoothies. Growing up between San Francisco and Atlanta, he picked up his game from The Bay and his sauce from the South, which you hear in his unique sound. From his signature adlibs to his health-conscious hustler approach, Larry’s music lets you enjoy the come up while showing you how it’s done. With his prolific catalog, features in national outlets like Complex, FADER, the New Yorker and collaborations with peers like Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y, Larry June is next up.

Larry’s latest album „Orange Print“ placed #1 on Billboard’s Heat Seekers list and drove a sell-out 28-city nationwide tour, all without a booking agent. His last project „Into the Late Night“ with producer CARDOGOTWINGS reached #6 on Apple Music’s Charts (all genres).

With all of his success in 2021 on the books, Larry’s already going global with a full calendar of festivals and a European tour lined up, Rumor has it he’s been cooking in the studio with the likes of Alchemist and Hitboy which can only produce classic hits for the people. We must stay healthy and we must keep going. Good Job, Larry!