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way to blue 2023

oceanfromtheblue is an artist who works with the intention to heal the hearts suffering from a loss, like a rainfall would wash away the dirt, through his music. He channels the emotions that come from love, breakup and personal relationships into his songs with honest lyrics and a wide vocal range.
He began his music career as the lead singer of the band in high school and officially debuted in 2018 with his EP album “Luv-fi 2018”. He released six EPs, eight double singles up to releasing his first full-length album in February 2023. As he has been building up his career during the past years, he also participated in many music albums of various artists as well.
Rather than holding on to a single genre, he incorporates various elements of music, such as pop, funk, alternative, ballad, etc., into his work and developed his own R&B subgenre. His music has been getting featured on many editorial playlists and chill music playlists, which contributed to securing a big fan base.
Starting from 2022, oceanfromtheblue formed a five-member band with instrumental sessions including bass, guitar, drums, and keyboards, and began performing live concerts. They performed live at a number of music events including ‘EBS SPACE Gonggam’ solo concert, ‘Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2022’, ‘Seoul International Music Fair (MU:CON) 2022’, Apple Store Myeongdong exclusive ‘Today at Apple’ session, ‘Naver ON STAGE’ and also performed joint live stages with GSoul in Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam and London.