Abgesagt! Vom 30.11.2021 auf den 18.04.2022 verschoben!
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We sadly, once again, have to postpone a number of concert dates from April 2022 to February 2023 because of decreased planning security concerning Covid restrictions, especially in Germany where we won’t get new regulations until 20th of March, when it’s too late for making tour preparations. This combined with rising infection numbers in certain areas, makes the economic risk for everyone involved too big to proceed with the full tour. 

We’re very sorry to have take this decision but we’ll definitely see you on the road when all this is over!“

Priest   //   Priest is one of the biggest synth/industrial acts from Sweden, containing several former members of Ghost. Since their debut in 2017 the band have gained millions of streams, toured Europe twice (before the pandemic) and is supported by an evergrowing fanbase worldwide. The new album 'Body Machine' will be released in february 2022.