SAOT Festival


  • Datum 25.06.2023
  • Start 20:00
  • Einlass 19:00

01: Darbet Shams Palestinian-Syrian musical profect carries a political, social, and emotional message that mimics the Palestinian and Arab reality with critical, sometimes serious, and sometimes sarcastic words. The band launched in 2018 in Haifa, performed shows and concerts in cafes and theaters, and participated in several festivals in varous Palestinian cities. Darbet Shams’s musical identity was formulated by integrating different western and eastern musical styles, and it does not adhere to a traditional musical template or a specific musical branch. Darbet Shams creates its sound Through a collective interaction led by creativity and free expression, individuals express their relationship with their musical instrument on the one hand and their relationship with the band as a group on the other, creating a shared space for an experience that weaves the form of each song.

02: Bashar Murad Bashar Murad is a Palestinian singer/songwriter, and filmmaker producing globally influenced pop music rooted in Palestinian spirit. His music challenges stereotypes and highlights social issues facing Palestinian youth that are seldom addressed in Palestine, including living under the occupation, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ rights. Whether he’s performing in a wedding dress or singing about LGBTQ+ issues, Bashar is always taking risks. As an Arab living in Jerusalem, he is constantly challenging several of the conservative elements of his society. “I try to be respectful to people but also try not to,” says Bashar. As an example, he mentions his song “Ilkul 3am Bitjawaz” (Everyone’s Getting Married), which riffs on society’s traditional view of marriage. In the video Bashar plays the priest, the waiter, the groom and the bride, challenging and breaking gender roles.

03: Disco Samir Disco Samir is a Lebanese experimental musician based in Berlin. His music destroys and reconstructs instruments, vocals, samples and field recordings to create abstract narratives. As a DJ, his sets blend contemporary club music with drill, arabic, pop or whatever else feels right in the moment.