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  • Datum 02.05.2021
  • Start 20:00
  • Einlass 19:00
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The Wolves of Karelia across Europe Tour 2021

Finnish heavy melodic death metal unit WOLFHEART are back with their most commanding offering yet. The four-piece Nordic machine returned with their highly-anticipated new full-length masterpiece, Wolves Of Karelia which crushed the charts in six countries across the globe and received dozens of top ten reviews!Just as wildlife itself maintains harmony with a violent clash of beauty and unpredictability, WOLFHEART explores the band’s previously coined genre of “winter metal”. Wolves of Karelia could easily go down in metal history as WOLFHEART’s most intense record, so European and UK WOLFHEART fans, now’s your chance to see the beast in the flesh!Formed in 2013 by frontman Tuomas Saukkonen in Lahti, Finland, WOLFHEART initially began as asolo project after he disbanded all of his other projects to begin again with a fresh sound and concept. The project’s debut album, 2013’s Winterborn, consisted of just Tuomas performing all instruments. After being joined by bandmates and releasing threeadditional acclaimed albums –2015’s Shadow World, 2017’s Tyhjyys and their 2018 Napalm Records debut Constellation of the Black Light –WOLFHEART is back to take another bite out of the scene with Wolves of Karelia, their strongest album to date